Child and Adolescent Counselling

Navigating Teenage Challenges Together

Adolescence is one of the most important stages of human development – a phase where young people face many physical, psychological, identity and relationship changes on their journey to adulthood. That is why at The Astell, our adolescent counsellor, Rochelle Lim, is dedicated to providing expert teenager counselling for young adults.

Rochelle is trained to engage adolescents through a diverse range of therapy modalities, including mindfulness therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, as well as art and play therapy, allowing teens to experience the adolescent counselling service in a less confrontational way. She will work closely with your teen to foster a safe and supportive environment for them to explore their emotions, develop coping skills, and navigate the challenges of adolescence.

To ensure your teen feels safe and comfortable to speak their mind, they will attend the counselling session on their own, unless special circumstances apply. However, we encourage parents or carers to share their knowledge of their children and their situation beforehand to help us gain a better understanding of your teen’s issues.

Get in touch with our adolescent counsellor to see how she can help you and your teen.

Transforming Teens’ Lives Through Supportive Counselling

Our counsellor for teenagers can help your young adult with the following:

    • Develop increased self-worth.
    • Improve communication and social skills.
    • Feel empowered in response to peer pressure.
    • Improve relationships within the family.
    • Find ease in their sexual orientation.
    • Make positive choices for their future.
    • Navigate friendships.
    • Work through confusing and powerful emotions.
    • Develop skills to meet and address anxiety.
    • Actively engage in school and life.
    • Find direction as they grow into themselves.

    Meet Rochelle Lim

    Rochelle Lim is a highly skilled Level 2 Member of the Australian Counselling Association who recently completed her Master of Counselling from Monash University. She specialises in using a wide range of therapeutic tools, such as art and play and mindfulness therapy to engage clients during her teenage counselling service.

    Rochelle has been exposed to clients from a wide age group – mainly in school settings – and has worked closely with school staff to ensure the well-being and safety of the students. Her warm personality and passion for engaging with families to create a long-lasting therapeutic environment for her clients outside of her sessions have helped teens achieve positive results. 

    She believes in a relational and collaborative approach to therapy while being mindful of cultural and ethnic differences. She works to identify all aspects of a teen’s life that impact their well-being, including their physical health, social supports, work or school environment, and faith or spirituality in this process. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why does my teen need teenage adolescent counselling services?

    Teens experience many changes on their journey to adulthood, including physical, psychological, identity, and relationship changes. Younger adolescents may have trouble fitting in at school, while older ones may experiment with smoking and drugs.

    Additionally, the onset of puberty can be a confusing and distressing time. Body image, anxiety, and self-esteem issues are common in this age group. Private counselling for teenagers can help young adults understand and work through these issues in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

    Is everything discussed in your teenage counselling service confidential?

    Yes, all discussions in our counselling for teenage sessions are strictly confidential. We respect the rights of teens just as we do adults and adhere to professional and ethical standards, ensuring their privacy and trust are upheld at all times.

    What is the adolescent counselling process at The Astell?

    Typically, teens are booked in for an initial 30-minute consultation to see if they and our adolescent counsellor are the right fit for each other. If the client is happy, then they will be recommended to book a follow-up 50-minute consultation.

    Keep in mind that before the first session, parents or carers have the opportunity to have a phone call, an online meeting or an in-person consultation with our teenage counsellor. Thereafter, the teen will attend their adolescent counselling sessions on their own during the first and following sessions (unless special circumstances apply). This is to ensure your teen feels safe and comfortable, knowing that what they say is private and confidential.

    How long does a typical teenager counselling session last?

    A standard counselling session typically lasts for 50 minutes. However, the duration may vary depending on the client’s specific needs and preferences.

    How many adolescent counselling sessions will my teen need?

    The number of sessions needed depends on your unique circumstances and goals. However, we recommend your teen to attend therapy regularly.

    Routine can help them feel more comfortable in the teenage counsellor’s room so they may talk more openly about their emotions and develop trust in their counsellor. During these regular sessions, our counsellor will also work together with teenagers and their families to create a long-lasting therapeutic environment, especially outside of her teenage counselling service.

    How much does The Astell's teenage counselling cost?
    • $80 for an initial 30-minute consultation
    • $160 for the following 50-minute consultations
    Is there a Medicare rebate for The Astell's adolescent counselling service?

    Unfortunately, we do not have a Medicare rebate at this time. However, if you wish to discuss payment plans, you are welcome to get in touch with our friendly team for more information.

    Why Choose Us?

    Unique Strategies & Techniques

    Our adolescent counsellor uses mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy, art, and play therapy to help with self-esteem, self-discovery, stress management, and mental health issues.

    Tailored Solutions

    We personalise our teenage counselling sessions to meet your teen’s needs, goals and strengths, ensuring the most effective support.


    Your teen’s privacy is of utmost importance to us. We provide a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental space for them to explore their feelings and concerns.


    Holistic Approach

    We work in tandem with other healthcare professionals to ensure comprehensive support for your teen’s mental and emotional health, as we recognise that a healthy mind is fundamental to overall well-being.

    Meaningful Resolutions

    Our teenage counsellor is committed to providing ongoing support and guidance to help you and your teen work towards meaningful resolutions together.

    Transparent Fee Structure

    We offer transparent and competitive pricing for our adolescent counselling service. Your teen’s well-being is our priority, and we strive to make the process as seamless as possible.

    Ready To Build A Stronger Future For Your Adoloscents?

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