How We Work

Reimagining the way general practice is done.

Step 1: Gather your healthcare team

Care Coordinator

Your Care Coordinator is your administrative best friend, the person on our team who recognises you by voice over the phone liaising with all members of your health care team with ease. 

If the thing that’s getting in the way of you having great health is life admin, let us handle that for you.

Clinical Nurse

Our nurses are here to be your advocate and support in all things clinical – vaccinations, wound care, spirometry, ear syringing – they do it all.

Lead General Practitioner

The truth is that you are likely to see a number of GPs over your lifetime to suit your needs – a weekend GP, an after hours home visiting GP, a GP for a specialised service e.g. cervical screening, sports medicine. 

Your Lead GP actively connects with health professionals on the periphery of your health care and seamlessly integrates their contributions to your care plan.

Step 2: Make a plan

All new patients will have a one-hour baseline visit and a 30-minute care plan preparation session.

Baseline visit

You talk, we listen. Your first visit is an in-person discussion around your medical history, lifestyle aspirations, wellness goals…whatever is important to you is central in planning your health care strategy.

Care plan review

A 30-minute session to review your baseline test results, personalise your care plan and collaborative set health goals. This is a live document that you and your care team can update as your health goals and lifestyle changes.

Step 3: Experience healthcare as self-care

The Astell promotes a proactive, collaborative approach to healthcare that prioritises your physical health and mental wellbeing. 

We don’t like to wait for things to go wrong – we like to plan several steps ahead.

For those who want to experience the top tier of what primary healthcare can be, we offer an exclusive membership program.

Healthcare that prioritises your whole wellbeing

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