Beth Mateo

Beth is Co-Founder of the Astell and is one of our Clinical Nurses. She has over 10 years experience as a Registered Nurse in the public hospital sector (mainly the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Austin Hospital and Western Hospital) as well as a number of general practices.

Her journey with general practice first began as a junior medical receptionist for a busy bulk-billing clinic. From there, she did her nursing degree and became a practice nurse, and then was thrust unexpectedly into the role of practice manager a year before it all went bust.

Beth was repeatedly told that you can’t own a medical clinic without being a doctor. This didn’t stop Beth. Beth likes a challenge with a side of french fries and aioli.

Beth is a passionate advocate for ‘slow medicine’, bringing the community aspect back into general practice and the importance of keeping primary health care appropriately funded. 

You will likely see Beth rearranging the clinic furniture for the 100th time through the window, or getting a prosciutto sandwich (untoasted) at Deli on Lloyd much to the consternation of Candace.

When Beth isn’t working at the Astell, she works at a creative studio in Brunswick that has an affinity for mochi and foxes.

Beth is available on Monday afternoon, Tuesday morning, and Friday between chai lattes.

*Home and mobile visiting to residential facilities, workplaces and nursing homes can be arranged through reception*