Beth is a warm, genuine and non-judgemental nurse counsellor who seeks to connect empathically with clients so that they feel heard and understood.

While she has more than 10 years of experience within adult mental health inpatient units across multiple hospitals such as Northern Health and the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Beth is passionate about diversifying the range of mental health support available to people for whom a solely clinical approach is ineffective.

Beth places a particular importance on understanding their current problems through the context of earlier life experiences and equipping people to understand their own recurrent destructive cycles. Her aim by the end of the counselling relationship is that they recognise their emotional triggers sooner and are able to utilise self-reflection tools and mindfulness strategies to avoid a complete downward spiral. 

Beth is currently completing her post-graduate qualification specialising in relationship counselling and family therapy. If relationship counselling is something that you’re interested in, please contact us directly as we are able to recommend another practitioner in the meantime.