Jo is our Cosmetic Nurse Injector at the Astell. She has worked as a Registered Nurse at St Vincent’s Hospital, Northern Hospital and across general practice for a number of years before deciding to specialise as a Cosmetic Nurse and pursue her calling in the area of aesthetic treatments and preventative skin care. As someone who has gone through her own self-image journey as a woman, Jo has an deeply empathic and caring approach to aesthetics and is a strong advocate for maintaining and enhancing one’s own natural beauty. While she is incredibly gentle with her treatments (something that you definitely want in someone working with needles!), she is the very definition of a girl’s girl and will quietly empower you to keep self-care and self-love at the top of your schedule.

If you’re looking for someone who is deeply invested in your aesthetic treatment goals and in it for the long haul, Jo is exactly who you’re looking for.

Jo is available on Tuesday and Wednesday between 10am to 2pm.