Marcus Dally-Law

Marcus is The Astell’s lead individual and relationship counsellor, boasting an impressive 10 years of experience in counselling and holding a Level 2 Member position at the Australian Counselling Association.

Marcus’ forte is challenging ingrained notions of what counselling entails: He uses a good-humoured, empathetic, and non-judgemental approach in his counselling to win over even the most sceptical clients in a mere 30-minute session. Many who once strongly believed counselling was not for them have been compelled to reconsider.

Marcus runs Ever Forward – a counselling service proudly owned by the queer community – and stands as a passionate advocate for improving the quality of mental health services within the LGBTQIA+ community.

Beyond his proficiency in individual and relationship counselling, Marcus offers anger management courses tailored to both individuals and groups. If you are interested in this service, kindly direct your inquiries to for more details on his upcoming sessions.

When not busy with clients, Marcus can be found savouring his second long black at Buddy’s around 2pm. He also re-arranges the practice’s furniture to minimise clutter and maximise feng shui whenever Beth is away.

Marcus Dally-Law is available by appointment on Mondays and Fridays.