Rochelle Lim

Rochelle is a Child and Adolescent Counsellor in our practice. She completed her Master of Counselling from Monash University (2022) and is a Level 2 Member at the Australian Counselling Association.

Rochelle is a warm character who specialises in using therapeutic tools such as art and play therapy methods in engaging clients. She has been exposed to clients from a wide age group mainly in school settings and has worked closely with school staff to ensure the wellbeing and safety of the students.

Rochelle has a passion in engaging with family/household members/caregivers to create a long lasting therapeutic environment for her clients even outside of her sessions. She believes in a relational and collaborative approach to therapy while being mindful of cultural and ethnic differences. She works to identify all aspects of an individual’s life that impacts their well-being including their physical health, social supports, work or school environment, and faith/spirituality in this process.

Outside of work, Rochelle is an avid animal lover, and loves going to the zoo and wildlife sanctuary whenever the opportunity arises. She is also a passionate proponent for the wonders of Kmart and has a no-chocolate until midday policy that Beth frequently tests.

Available on Mondays and Thursdays.